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Altaheer Group, headquartered in Tripoli, Libya, is an innovative company offering wide variety of technological solutions to a vast array of companies from different sectors with challenging requirements.

We work with leading manufacturers and hold sizeable inventory that enable us to offer our clients always the most competitive price. Please have a look on our service bouquet below, and let us know how we can help you.

Why Are We The Best?

Alatheer’s mission is to “BE THE BEST” in the eyes of our customers, employees and public at large.
Our strength lies in our people. We always aim to provide an enabling environment and strive to offer the best training to keep our people on a par with the best professionals in our field.
Quality is the cornerstone of Alatheer’s success. We have worked hard to establish a reputation for quality and have been recognised as one of the leading low-current solution provider.


Building Management System

If you want to keep your building occupants comfortable, reduce energy cost and improve productivity, you have reached the right place. Alatheer Groups’ integrated approach to reduce capital expenditures, decrease operating expenditures and improve overall business performance helps many businesses to become more productive and profitable.


Room Management System

Alatheer offers high-tech, flexible and modular Room Management Systems (RMS). Our room logic gateway solutions customise lighting and room control according to your needs and help you in achieving more than 10% energy savings in each room. We guarantee you will observe noticeable difference in your electricity bills and your guests will experience greater comfort and ease-of-use.


Smart Home Automation

Turn your home to Smart Home. Alatheer offers ultimate home automation solutions by making the products and systems you already have and use everyday, work together. By integrating everything, including lighting control, music, home theatre, climate control, security, to create personalised experience that enhance your life and provide added comfort and savings.


Security & Access Control

Designed to detect intrusion. We offer tailor-made security solutions to small one-room apartments to multi-story corporate buildings having specific business needs and regulations. We know there is more to security than equipment – understanding the environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that it has the capability to meet the highest security standard and end user needs.


Collaboration Solutions

The ability for people to collaborate – to work together – is mission-critical for any organisation. Understanding the power of collective wisdom and modern business, we offer wide variety of collaboration and communication solutions, like video conferencing, audio conferencing, web conferencing, real presence, mobile presence, etc. We also deals in public address systems.


Hospital & Hospitality Solutions

Hotels, hospitals and other utility providers around the world want to offer their guests and clients advanced, multiscreen television services over their broadband networks. We offer our clients to choose from select systems and set-top boxes to assembled solutions that best meet their budget and deployment requirements. We provide complete, end-to-end hotel and hospital solutions.

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